BEERADELPHIA - The City of Brewery Love (DVD)
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Beeradelphia - The City of Brewery Love


This is the true story of beer, told with a Philly accent. From the earliest known evidence of beer drinking in ancient Egypt through the settling and building of America to the impact that women and homebrewing have had on the craft beer movement and ending with the epic-ness that is known as Philly Beer Week, Beeradelphia takes you on a beer inspired journey through beer history!


Filmed over the course of two years, Beeradelphia includes interviews with some of the beer world's most colorful figures including Sam Adams's Jim Koch, Yuengling's Dick Yuengling and Brewers Association President Charlie Papazian. The Philly beer pioneers who appear are so large in number it would be foolish to list them. But all the usual suspects are here... talking beer!


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BEERADELPHIA - The City of Brewery Love (DVD)

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